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Alt Text = “Assignment”

<img src=”https://lms.cofc.edu/d2l/common/navBar/externalLink.d2l?ou=14319&k=c_5036” alt=”Sculpture by Merda d’artista entitled, ‘Artist’s Shit, 1961.’ Tin can with paper wrapping with unidentified contents.”   In doing this alt text assignment, I was moderately confused about how it actually works. My understanding is that, by providing descriptions of relevant images in the appropriate format, they will be accessible by special web … Continue reading

Observing a Mark Twain classic on a “Charleston Stage”

On Thursday evening I had the pleasure of infiltrating the closed tech rehearsal for Charleston Stage’s upcoming production of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” an infamous yet beloved component of American culture. You can view the trailer, which was filmed during this particular rehearsal, here. I am grateful that the folks at Charleston Stage permitted … Continue reading

Light Painting Prezi

Painting with Light: Light Art Performance Photography

The marriage of Art and Technology

CONVENTIONAL MEDIA MEETS THE TECHNOLOGICAL REVOLUTION What does technology have to do with modern art??? In his book, New Media in Art, Michael Rush explores the ways in which new technological media render meanings and new ideas of time and space in the world of modern and contemporary art (Rush, 7). In the introduction, Rush … Continue reading

Paola Antonelli

“Many people think that technology is a problem in that it dehumanizes people. And, instead, I think it’s a great thing because it humanizes objects.” ~ MoMA’s Paola Antonelli Read more: http://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/2011/01/27/paola-antonelli-talk-to-me/#ixzz1CFzjdP57 

Video Art of Gary Hill

Gary Hill (born in 1951, Santa Monica, California, U.S.) is a pioneer of video art based out of Seattle, Washington. He is represented by Donald Young Gallery of Chicago. To hear Gary Hill talk about his unique artistic practice and methods, click on the following link! http://www.sfmoma.org/multimedia/videos/221 To visit Gary Hill’s blog and have access … Continue reading